Investing in a Community

What does it mean to invest in your community, as a missionary? There are endless answers and options, but we as a family, have found ours. Our answer is starting the East DRC Community Development project, where the community will be given the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty through education and resources, in both Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. What has that meant up to this point for us? 

First, it meant waiting on God’s timing for things to come together. We have been pushing for this from the beginning, though it looked different with a partnership with the hospital; but it wasn’t until we let it go and waited on God, that he brought it together. He opened the door for us to finally be able to purchase the land right behind our house. He was in all the dealings and workings to make that happen from start to finish. 


Second, it meant taking time away to go on furlough to see family, friends, churches and supporters. We had to opportunity to share this amazing ministry’s start-up with many of you. And many of you made the decision to become involved, through prayer and financial giving for the project. Many of you made the decision to come alongside us as a family and invest in the community of Nyankunde; your investments are coming to life, and already, it has spoken to the community’s heart. There is so much excitement and hope surrounding this project already and we are just getting started. Even the chief’s heart has been touched by the testimony of this investment; each person along the way that has been involved has been touched.


Third, it meant getting back here to Nyankunde to get things started in the way of building a fence. The fence is up! Which led into installing the water system for the project, using a T off of MAF’s water line for the base. We were able to purchase one of the old fuel tanks from MAF that were sitting around without purpose of function, to use for water storage. Little did I know three years ago, when those tanks were dug out of the ground, that we would reach this point. A cement foundation was created and poured for the tank and is curing, before we put the tank in it’s final resting place next to the foundation that will become the future barn.


We are currently working on the classroom for the project and it is coming along well and should be finished and useable, in the next couple of months; even if the rest of the project is not up and running at this point. The animal barn will be next, if we have enough funding for it. We are still looking for those that would like to invest in the community of Nyankunde, in this way. We have the animal barn, and pens to construct, along with many other “smaller projects” and purchases (like furniture for the classroom, etc.!)


If you are at all interested in getting involved in this ministry, that is already touching the hearts and lives of the community, please follow the link below that will take you to the tax deductible giving page for this ministry, on MAF’s website.



  1. Merry Christmas, Petersen family!! Our Christmas gift to your EDRC Community Project comes from the family of our older daughter, Julie, and her 4 grown children. Instead of sending a small financial gift to each of them, I asked them if we could combine their gifts into one larger gift for your Community Project! So, I’ve sent a check to MAF, designated to your project, from the Whipps’ and West’s. I’ll share your latest blog with them so they will know how you are using the funds you receive. Best wishes to you for good health and the Lord’s continued blessings in the new year!!


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